I am the operations officer for VQ-3, a U.S. Navy squadron, that, among other things, provides nuclear command and control for the US Strategic Arsenal. We fly the E-6B Mercury, the Navy's largest aircraft, which is basically a flying radio station/command post whose purpose in life is relay orders to submerged SSBNs, airborne bombers, and even has remote launch-access to the nations ICBM force. To put it in the game's terms, we're what provides the nation the "Final Retaliation" option. While training for this mission, participating in exercises, or standing weeks of alert duty ready to respond to "The Klaxon" we have to find ways to amuse ourselves. Recently, I introduced my team to the your card game. Its great irony to be playing Nuclear War, the card game, while participating in a nuclear war game. It is also extremely inconvenient when our card game is interrupted by a CBR drill. Not to be deterred, we kept playing until we could secure from MOPP. We even used the Super Germ cards as a training aid. Here are some photos of the fun.

LCDR Keith "Powder" Patton
Operations Officer

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