Designed by Charles Gaydos, this game simulates the struggle for control of the world by international megacorporations. An unknown number of players, each representing the head of an international corporation, incredibly wealthy family, or secret organization, vie for domination over all the others.

Each player has a minimum income per turn, no matter what happens during the game, so you cannot be eliminated as long as the game lasts. You may submit a turn every day, or you may submit many orders in advance (to be processed, seven orders per day). It is not necessarily fatal to miss a turn. This game is played entirely by email, and you will receive an email "result" every day except major holidays. You are not told the names of the other players, or even how many there are, but you are allowed to send your email address to another player as part of the game, after which of course, you may communicate as much as you wish.

The object of the game is to get control of a majority of the countries on the map, by bribery, assassination, revolution, or force of arms. When that happens, you become Master of the World and have won.


Daily moves, twice a week moves, private games.
If you want to start a private game of CO, you can specify the speed, the number of players, and even the MAP. We can use any map you want, up to about 150 spaces, and you can have any number of players up to around 150. Ask us about it.

Price: Rules are available only online at RULES. $5 setup fee. 50 cents per day (charged weekly). Or you can pay for an entire game in advance for $25. (no matter how many turns it lasts.) And if you want to see the Covert Operations MAP click here.

To read strategy articles about Covert Operations, see FBQ.or click here.
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