The best way to advertise/promote games is to show someone how to play it, and the best place to do this is at a game convention or at a game store. Unfortunately Flying Buffalo is a very small company and doesn't have the resources to send paid employees out to do this. Fortunately we do have a small number of very loyal fans, and if you'd like to help us (and help increase the popularity of some of your favorite games) please offer to run a demo at a store or convention. Just send us a letter or email, tell us when & where you'd like to do it, the date it will happen and what games you would like to demo. We would prefer them in the following order: Nuclear War card game, Lost Worlds, Tunnels & Trolls, MSPE, anything else. We will send you some prizes to give away, announce it on our webpage (if appropriate) and even give you some free merchandise (which you can keep or give to your players).

We would REALLY like to make a big splash at Gencon and Origins every year. I will be running a Nuclear War tournament at both conventions, and we will be running Lost Worlds tournaments at both also, but if you would like to run a T&T or MSPE event, or even another NW event or any of our other games, please contact me, Rick Loomis. We will give you prizes to give away, and list it in the prereg book as a Flying Buffalo sponsored event. We would especially like to do this for Origins, as we get "points" towards next years booth selection if we get a lot of events in the prereg book (Deadline usually around, Jan 15, of each year).

Also, if you are going to be at any of these conventions, but don't want to run an event, I can often use help at the sales booth. Either to watch the booth while I run out for lunch, or if it is a big show, to help out during the biggest crowds. Email me and let me know you want to help.

If you are willing to help, but don't know what convention or store to do a demo in, contact me and we'll try to get you together with one. Rick Loomis

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