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At Gen Con 2018 we released a limited edition Grimtooth enamel pin. We still have a few left for $10 each.

All catalyst products are presented without game mechanics of any kind; the nature of things, their causes and effects, NPC (non-player character) personalities, and everything else vital to good gaming are fully described. Game Masters need only supply the appropriate game statistics to the people, places, or devices described to adapt them easily into their games. Please note that these are NOT books that are really intended for some particular game that "can be adapted" to other systems. These are genuinely for ANY fantasy or medieval role-playing game system. Look for the "Catalyst" trademark.

NOTE: If you are interested in any of these books in German, French, or Japanese, click here.

Ever wanted to take your players to meet the gods? Now you can with the City of the Gods Map Pack. Usable with any role-playing system this product presents a realm where all the gods of Earth reside; Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Celtic, Asian and many other Pantheons all dwell in this mystical realm. The City of the Gods is where they all meet, plot, plan and fight for dominion.

The Map Pack includes:
11 x 17 full color detailed map of the City of the Gods. 20 page book that describes over 105 places in the city, details on the world of the Gods and 54 scenarios the GM can use to incorporate his existing game into the City of the Gods. Full color map of the realms of the Gods. 18 full color NPC cards of gods and citizens from the City. 32 page signed City of the Gods Comic. Plus a booklet with a chapter from the City of the Gods novel. Product Number 8555 $19.95 Special pre-release copies available at Gencon.

To see more City of the Gods artwork, click here and here

To purchase City of the Gods Map Pack ($19.95)

There are now seven books in the Grimtooth line. These are some of our best selling books and are not only useful, but are hilarious to boot! Several have been digitally remastered and reprinted recently

We licensed another company to do a HARDBACK version of the "Wurst" of Grimtooth's traps. This book includes traps from all 7 of our original books, plus D20 conversions. And we have some for sale:

Only $35

To see covers from the rest of the Traps books, click here

GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS: the first book of 101 deadly devices and sinister snares, from the grimly cheerful claws of the great Troll, Grimtooth himself - delvers beware! 64 pages.
To order:($14.94)

You can get a pdf version of "Grimtooth's Traps" from DriveThruRPG
or from E23

You can also get Grimtooth's Traps for your Kindle from

GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS TOO: 101 more engines of evil and bemusement for the befuddled! Room traps, Corridor traps, Door traps, artifacts, etc. 96 Pages! (Includes the original 80 pages, plus 16 new pages) $14.95. . To order:

You can get a pdf version of "Traps Too" from DriveThruRPG

GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS TREE: NOT AVAILABLE. These traps were so horrible, an unnamed secret agency bought up all copies, the printing plates, all file copies, & the reprint rights; fire-bombed the printer & forcibly drafted all the authors. [unavailable at any price]

GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS FORE: More horrible than a nightmare, more feared and loathed than the IRS, Grimtooth the troll has returned with another collection of traps to try men's souls and mangle their bodies. TRAPS FORE contains over 100 civil rights violations never before seen outside certain South American countries or the frozen wastes of Western Siberia. So, just as the brave adventurers out there thought they had danced their way through the last of Grimtooth's previous offerings, and started whistling songs of good fortune, the Piper has come to be paid again.80 pages. Digitally remastered, with some new art.

To order: ($14.95)

You can get a pdf version of "Traps Fore" from DriveThruRPG
or from E23
You can also get Traps Fore for your Kindle:

GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS ATE: Still another 100 precarious pitfalls and depraved deceptions. (There is no 101st trap - really!). Also includes Grimtooth’s scrapbook. 88 pages. $14.95.
You can get a pdf version of "Grimtooth's Traps Ate" from DriveThruRPG
To order: ($14.95)

The good folks at Games-In have printed Traps Ate in German. To see a pdf of the cover, click here.

You can get a pdf version of "Traps Ate" from DriveThruRPG

GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS LITE: Kinder, gentler traps, meant to maim or embarass your adventurers. (Plus a few deadly ones too - you knew Grimtooth couldn’t resist!). Meet other members of the Grimtooth clan! Includes an 8 page comic starring Grimtooth & Grimtina. 80 pgs (temporarily out of stock)

GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS BAZAAR: Grimtooth & Co have just opened the Traps Bazaar, stocked with 101+ magical, technological, possessed, and useful items for use in any RPG. Map of Bazaar and secret basement is included. Art by S S Crompton. 80 pg.
To order: ($14.95)

You can get a pdf version of "Traps Bazaar" from DriveThruRPG

GRIMTOOTH’S DUNGEON OF DOOM: Grimtooth conducts a guided tour of the nastiest dungeon your players can imagine. Full of danger and challenge, this book is intended for the fiendish GM. Fully mapped. 80 pgs
To order: ($14.95)

You can get Grimtooth or Grimtina on a tshirt, clock, mug, or other merchandise from our cafe press store at

(All Grimtooth art by Steve Crompton)


Each Citybook contains individual buildings/establishments that you can
insert into your own fantasy role playing campaign. Again: there are no
game-specific statistics. The idea here is to flesh-out that city you
have been creating for your campaign. Use these books to fill the nooks
and crannies of your own individual city.

You can get a pdf version of each of the Citybooks from DriveThruRPG
(for info on the origins awards click here)

CITYBOOK I: Butcher Baker, Candlestick Maker:
25 detailed businesses, over 75 fully-described non-player characters, and over 70 supplemental adventures for city-based scenarios.

After you have created a city map, use these businesses to fill in the spots where you have "a building".

Citybook I received the HG Wells Award for Best Role Playing Supplement at Origins 83. This was the very first Origins Award for Flying Buffalo and for Michael Stackpole, Liz Danforth, Steve Crompton, Larry Ditillio and Paul O'Connor. Includes art by Stephan Peregrin, Liz Danforth, and Steve Crompton. 120 pages. An incredible bargain at only $14.95

CITYBOOK II: Port O’ Call:
With 22 businesses and services for seaport cities, mariners of every sort can
find excitement and adventure. Establishments are complete with detailed maps,
fully developed NPC personalities, and over 60 suggested scenarios.

"The Longtooth Lounge" was written by Dave Arneson, co-designer of D&D. 120 pages.
(Unfortunately temporarily out of stock) But you can get a pdf version from DriveThruRPG

CITYBOOK III; Deadly Nightside:
18 businesses and establishments in the part of town where you’re most likely to be caught dead!

36 suggested scenarios, and over 60 fully-developed NPC personalities. 96 pages. $14.95

NOTE: Here is a link to a fan-created color version of The Singing Frog Sanctuary.

CITYBOOK IV: On the Road:
13 new establishments & transportation operations.

With 23 NPCs & scenarios, each an adventure unto itself.
Travel the highways & byways of your world!

Includes "The Halfling House" by Dennis McKiernan. 96 pages. $14.95

CITYBOOK V: Sideshow:
This has 19 non-human, city-based establishments and many fully developed npcs.
If your adventures are grid-locked into the usual, lead them down the streets
of Sideshow, the city’s exotics quarter! Meet the weird, the wild and the deadly!

96 pages. $14.95
(For a sample of one of the Sideshow establishments, click here.)

Among the finely cobbled streets of the city’s better neighborhoods,
one will find 17 richly filled establishments and additional chance encounters
all catering to the tastes of the city’s rich & famous.
96 pages. $14.95

This book is being reprinted, and will be available one of these days (?). If you want to preorder it, and have it shipped the day we get it, click here. If you preorder, and get tired of waiting for it, let me know and I'll send your money back. There has been somewhat of a delay.

Citybook 7: King's River Bridge
ISBN: 0-940244-98-5
Smuggling, political intrigue, pitched battles - all can be found on
King's River Bridge. Cross over the great stone bridge and visit over
20 frp locations, including "The Cornerstone Ghost," "Sweeney's Pie Shop,"
and "The River Raptors".

112 pages. Retail price $14.95.

Unfortunately we are out of Citybook 7. Not sure when we will be able to reprint it.

A dozen different adventures in the uncharted wilds, for any RPG.
Giant wasps’ nests, wild wizard’s tower, ogres’ den,
lamia's lair, lost tomb, giant spider tunnels, ant colony & others
make up this 80 page book. OOP

Art by Steve Crompton

- if you’re tired of the same old fantasy world where
everybody knows all the races, all the monsters, and all the
magics, then these books are what you’ve been looking
for! All fully described in Citybook style.
Discover the world of Lejentia.

contains a fully described and mapped town, world map, over 50 NPCs,
& 75 different scenarios. Plus, the first 40 pages of the book
describe new races, magic spells, and a detailed description of the
culture and religions of this unique world.

160 packed pages. $14.95

Filled with villains, dark elves, and insectoid alien creatures called
Novilles, Fort Bevits is a fully described fortress and caverns, with
over 50 illustrated NPCs, 71 detailed scenarios, and over 20 maps of
the fort and surrounding territory. Plus a 40-page intro section which
details the politics, powers and culture of the Tarin Tor army.

160 pages. $14.95

A gamemasters guide to the Lejentia graphic series, the stanza pack
details the creatures, characters and places from the Lejentia comic
which is included in the pack. Also has an 11 x 17 city map, full color
map of the world of Lejentia & a 24-page book detailing places
& scenarios. $9.95

  • Skully’s Harbor $14.95
  • Fort Bevits $14.95
  • Stanza Pack #1 $9.95
  • Issue #3 of the comic $2.95
  • Regular Price $42.95
  • Special offer $35.00

MAPS: The book of Cities. Useable with any role-playing system, this book contains maps of cities (over 20) which can be used anywhere in your campaign. Each city is fully mapped, with major points of interest & the background of the city described. Adventure ideas for gaming are included in this 96-page book. Unfortunately temporarily out of stock.

MAPS 2: Places of Legend. Provides maps, details, and adventure ideas for such legendary places as Camelot, Atlantis, King Soloman’s Mine, Capt. Nemo’s submarine base, Lemuria, the 13th Floor, Bermuda Triangle, OZ, and others. More art, adventure ideas for every place & crossover scenarios included. 96 pages. $11.95

(To see color pictures of the covers of Maps 1 (37k) and Maps 2 (29k) click Here

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