We have in the past offered to make personalized Lost Worlds books, but the price was too high for most folks. So I have come up with another way that perhaps is more affordable. Instead of us taking the pictures, laying out the books, and printing up 20 copies, we'll let YOU take the pictures, we'll lay out the books, and send you a pdf that will allow you to print out as many copies as you like.

Pick out the weapon you want to use in your photos. Send us $49.95 and tell us which weapon. We will send you the list of photos to take. Get a friend to photograph you in those 32 poses. Put the photos (in jpg format) on a cd and mail it to us. I'll lay it out into booklet format and send you back a cd with your book. You can print the book yourself, or have your local Kinkos print it out for you, in black & white, or color.

SOMETHING NEW:Someone at Origins this year made a comment that made me realize you don't have to use photographs -- if you are an artist you could draw a Lost Worlds book.

Here are the choices so far:
Person with:
Sword and shield
Sword and dagger
Magic and dagger
Quarterstaff and magic
Axe and shield
Two-handed sword

Note that if you select "Sword and Shield" for instance, you will need your own sword and shield for the photos. And you'll want a good background such as a forest or park or mountain.

Also, if you'd like to use a weapon not on the above list, or have a "special" move of some kind, write me and we'll discuss it. Perhaps we'll create a special matrix and add it to the list.

To purchase "Be Your Own Lost Worlds" click here. And mention in the Comments which weapon you want to use

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