Message Orders for Anonymous World Wide Battle Plan Games

You can send messages from the following list to other players in the game by giving specific orders on your turn sheet. The orders are intended to be the only way of sending messages in an anonymous game, but if you want to use them in a regular game to save yourself time, you can. The formats for these orders are:

"pMn "-- for messages with no fill in
"pMn,@@@"-- for messages with a space code subject
"pMn,##"-- for messages with a player number subject
(Leave out the quotes, of course)

where n is the number of the message from the list below, p is the player number it is to be delivered to (0 means everyone), @@@ is the space code to insert into the message where @@@ appears, and ## is the player number to insert into the message where ## appears.

The messages are:

1. Hi. I'd like friendly relations.
2. How about a non-aggression pact?
3. I just want to reconfirm our non-aggression pact.
4. I'll put you on my ally list. Will you put me on yours?
5. Please help me/us attack [##].
6. I agree with your previous suggestion.
7. I disagree with your previous suggestion.
8. I'm sorry I'm taking your minor, but I feel it should belong to me.
9. I claim @@@ as mine.
10. I surrender! Please let me live! I promise not to attack you any more.
11. I agree to take 2nd place. Let me help you win.
12. If you will agree to tie for 2nd, so will I.
13. I need to move through your canal at @@@.
14. I need to move some armies past you. I swear they won't attack YOU.
15. Please move those forces away from my area.
16. I'm not declaring war;just wanted to make sure you didn't get too close.
17. I need your naval support THIS TURN in @@@.
18. I need your naval support NEXT TURN in @@@.
19. I'm giving you some forces/support this turn in @@@.
20. We must all attack [##] NOW, because he is ahead, or we're all dead.
21. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Let's not make a war out of it.
22. I hate to say this, but I must cancel our non-aggression pact.
23. You backstabbing, slimy cretin! What a low-down, cowardly thing to do!
24. Please attack @@@ this turn.
25. Please fire missiles at @@@ this turn.
26. Please spend propaganda money on @@@ this turn.
27. Please send me money.
28. Please send me ABMs at @@@.
29. [##] lied to me. I want to do everything I can to cause him trouble.
30. Please don't give up. I'll come to your aid shortly.
31. There's something I'd like to say to you, but it isn't on the list.
32. Please send me Spy Info.
33. I agree with what you said, but I am unable to do so.
34. What would you like me to do?
35. No armies on our borders, no counterspying the borders. Fair enough?
36. Please send spies to (space)
37. Please send counterspies to (space)
38. I want a ## turn non-aggression pact starting with the turn you say yes.
(Note: the ## cannot be bigger than the total number of players in the game. We are not altering the program, we are just adding more text to the "messages" file. ## was intended originally to indicate a player number, and thus was limited to the biggest player number in the current game.)

Examples: 8M2 means you're offering player #8 a non-aggression pact.
11M24,EIC means you're asking player 11 to attack Iceland.
18M5,31 means you're asking player 18 to help attack player #31.
0M27 means you're asking everyone to send you money.

You can send more than one message to the same player on the same turn.

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