Characteristics in Tunnels & Trolls are based on 3 six sided dice. To create a new character, you roll 3 dice for each of the following attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Luck, Constitution, Intelligence, and Charisma. Theoretically you should just roll 3 dice and deal with whatever comes up, but we realize that it is no fun playing a wimp who falls over his or her own feet, so in practice, most people use one or both of the following options: (a) roll four dice, and use the total on the best three and (b) after you roll a number, then decide which characteristic it is for. Intelligence and Charisma are nice, but not particularly necessary for fighter characters, so you might "soak off" a low roll by using it for one of these two attributes (although it could get you in trouble later).

If your Strength, Dexterity, and or Luck are higher than 12, you get "adds" when you are in combat. For each point any of these is over 12, you get one "add" to every combat roll you make. That's because if you are strong, agile, or lucky, you can do more damage with your weapon than the average person. If any of these numbers is less than 9, you have to deduct one for every point lower than 9. You can "use up" your strength in varying ways described in the rules, and if so, your "adds" go down accordingly. You can get this strength "back" by resting, one strength point returns for each turn you "rest".

Constitution is how many hits you can take before you, umm, lose the combat [a euphemism for 'get killed']. You don't get constitution back by resting. You get it back between adventures, or by use of magic.

Intelligence is used for magic, and may occasionally get you out of trouble in an adventure. Charisma is how persuasive, or likeable you are. It also could get you out of a tight spot that you can't otherwise fight your way out of.

During the adventure, you will get "experience points" or "EP". You get EP equal to the Monster Rating of any monster you kill. Whenever you are asked to make a "saving roll", you get EP equal to whatever number you roll. If you accumulate 1000 EP, you (at that very moment) become a "2nd level character" and can make one of the following choices:
A. Add 2 to your Strength.
B. Add 1 to your Intelligence.
C. Add 4 to your Luck
D. Add 2 to your Constitution
E. Add 1 to your Dexterity
F. Add 1 to your Charisma
G. or Add 1 to your Strength and 1 to your Constitution.

If you get 3000 EP, you become a 3rd level character, and have remained in this adventure far too long. If you want to know the higher experience levels, get a copy of the T&T rules!

At times during the adventure, you may be asked to make a "saving roll" or "SR" based on one of these attributes. (If the specific attribute is not mentioned, then it is LUCK.) In order to make a "First Level" saving roll, you must roll a 20.(Second level saving roll is 25. Third level is 30. etc.) Roll two dice, and add the number rolled to the specified characteristic. If the total is at least 20, you made it. If not, you missed the saving roll. If you roll doubles while trying to make a saving roll, you get to add that number and roll again. (Thus any number is possible, although some are unlikely!) Example: your luck is 12. To make a first level saving roll, you must roll at least 8 on two dice. However, you must always roll at least a 5 to successfully make your saving roll. If your luck is 17, you would otherwise always automatically make all saving rolls (if you roll a 2, that is doubles and you get to roll again). So a roll of 3 or 4 (unless it is double two) always misses the saving roll.

The result of a missed saving roll will depend on the adventure. Don't forget to add the experience points for the roll.

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