The combat rules for the T&T fantasy role playing system are really quite simple. You get to roll a certain number of six sided dice, according to what kind of weapon you are carrying/using. [A scimitar, for instance, gets 4 dice]. You get to add a number to your total called "adds" [which can be a negative number] which is based upon your personal characteristics: strength, dexterity, and luck. For each number over 12 on each of these, you get one "add" and for each number under 9 you deduct one "add". Thus if your strength is 6, and your luck is 12, and your dexterity is 18, your total "adds" would be +3. [Deduct 3 because you are pretty wimpy, and don't add anything for your somewhat average luck, but add 6 because you are extremely agile].

You also could get bonuses for a magic weapon, or poisoned weapon; and there are special rules for magical combat, ranged weapons (bows) and for "going berserk" but ignore them for now.

The monster gets to roll a certain number of dice depending on his "monster rating." He gets one six sided die for each 10 points of monster rating, plus one. [i.e. for 1-9 he gets one die. For 10-19 he gets 2 dice. For 20-29 he gets 3 dice, etc]. Plus he gets "adds" of one half of his current monster rating (which may change during the combat). Thus a monster with a "rating" of 24 gets 3 dice, plus add 12 to whatever he rolls on those 3 dice.

You roll your dice, and add the "adds" to it for a number. The monster rolls his dice and adds his "adds" to that roll. Subtract the smaller number from the larger, and the difference is the number of "hits" taken by the fighter who rolled the smaller number. Any "hits" taken against the monster reduce his monster rating [and thus his future combat rolls]. If you get his monster rating to zero, you have killed him. Any "hits" taken against you reduces your constitution by that number of hits. If your "CON" gets to zero, you are dead. However, you may be able to reduce the number of "hits" you take by wearing armor. [For example, leather armor will reduce the number of "hits" against you every combat round, by 6. If you are wearing leather armor, and the monster gets 4 "hits" on you, you take no damage. This doesn't damage the armor either, so you could take up to 6 hits every combat round and never get hurt at all.]

You will notice that whoever wins the first round of comat is probably going to continue to win, which makes combat in T&T very quick. If the monster is losing, he will lose even faster as his monster rating goes down. And if you are losing, you probably should run away, or try something else [such as magic, if available].

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