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LOST WORLDS COMBAT PICTURE BOOKS: Many of you may remember the lost worlds books by Nova Games from years ago. These books are a DICELESS fantasy combat system. Each player has a book, and you play by giving your book to your opponent, who reciprocates. You each pick a maneuver from your list of options, and tell the other player a page number. You each turn to the specified page number, and see what the other person is doing. For instance, you may choose to lunge at me, while I choose a side swing. When I turn to your page, I see you lunging at me, and when you turn to my page, you see yourself getting a hit on me. After I take a specified number of hits, I have lost the combat. It's very easy (the complete rules are included on each book) and very quick.
Why am I telling you about Lost Worlds? Because there were some licensed "BattleTech" books done in the Lost Worlds patented system. We have what we believe is the remaining stock of these books, and when they run out, they can not be reprinted for various legal reasons!
They are: (You need at least two books to play): Griffin, Locust, Rifleman, Wasp, Shadowhawk and Warhammer. Unfortunately we are completely sold out of the Griffin books, Riflemen, Wasps and Warhammers, and we never had any Shadowhawks. We have plenty of Locust at $4 each. You can play the game with two copies of the Locust as Locust vs Locust. Or perhaps you can find some of the other books elsewhere.
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Many Battle Tech fans have read the novels by writer and game designer Michael Stackpole, set in the Battle Tech universe. If you are a fan of Michael, and want to read some of his other game-related fiction, you might want to pick up the "Fiddleback Trilogy". This is a series of three books based in GDW's "Dark Conspiracy" universe. They originally sold for $5 each, but you can buy all three from Flying Buffalo for $10.

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