Amara Wintersword: she’s a barbarian, she’s beautiful, she carries a battle axe?

Missed the axe didn’t you? While you ogle some of this barbarian’s finer qualities, she prepares to defeat you in battle. What her axe cannot handle alone, her dagger and fiery rage defeat. In addition to creating a distraction, the small pieces of chainmail she wears protect as a full suit of armor as well as deflect all lightening spells. An orphan descended from a band of exiled warriors, Amara was raised by a tribe of nomads. Trained at a young age to fight, she found herself driven from her home after protecting herself from one of her own clansmen. Many years she spent escorting treasure or guarding the life of this wizard or noble. Unexpectedly, Amara found herself under attack; assassins hired by her own employer. Claiming to help her in this battle, she was left for dead by a trusted friend only to be nursed back to health by another. Amara now travels from place to place, sometimes realm to realm, seeking answers. Will you stand in her way? (Compatible with all the other Lost Worlds books. Book/game design by Alfred Leonardi. Storyline by C Calhoun. Model C Calhoun. Photography by Tim Calhoun.)

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FBI Product #8608 $8.95 retail. Available now. Order two copies, one of each cover, and get an extra color photo of Amara which is not part of the book. Note: the picture above is also one we did NOT use in the book. But we wanted to use it somewhere. And note that we are printing two different covers for this book: one for regular retail sale, and one special one that will be available at conventions. Please stop by our booth at any game convention!

Here is the regular cover and here is the special convention cover. (the contents of both books will be the same.)

To purchase Amara Wintersword click here. And mention in the Comments whether you would prefer the regular cover or the convention cover. We might be able to sell a convention cover via postal mail!

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