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BIG NEWS:I did a kickstarter project to reprint the ace of aces books. The funding was successful, so I have more copies of the "Handy Rotary Series" available. You can buy them from this page. You can still see the kickstarter project at: kickstarter.

Here is a link to the rules for Ace of Aces: Handy Rotary Series:

Ack! I discovered an error after the books were printed. Page 128 of the Allied book had the important numbers cut off at the bottom. Here is a link to a pdf of that page with the numbers there. You can write them in your book, or print out this page and paste it over the error in your book (I apologize!):

And here is a link to a pdf of just the numbers, in case you want to print them on a label and past them onto the error page:

If you buy the game from me now, you will have a sticker included with your purchase, and you can stick it on page 128.

I plan to do another kickstarter project for each of the previously printed versions of the game, until they are all available again.
Then I plan to print a couple of Alfred's other designs that were created but never released. Watch this page for news. Or sign up for my mailing list!

I printed a limited number of the challenge coins and tshirts mentioned in the kickstarter project. Here's the proof photo of the Allied coin:

To order the Allied Coin for $25 plus shipping:

To order the German Coin for $25 plus shipping:

Here are the tshirts:

Note them as tshirt 1, 2, 3, 4 in that order. Tshirt #1 will be printed in white ink on a black tshirt, like #4.

Here is the pin. I only had 50 of these pins made. Note that the actual pin is only one inch wide:

ACE OF ACES is an award-winning, fast paced, realistic recreation of WWI air combat using the patented stop-action picturebook system. Each 4 1/2 x 6 inch book contains 223 full page illustrations showing the view you see as the pilot of your plane. Keep pilot logs and try to get the five victories that will make you an ace. (This system is a simple duel between two players, and does not require dice or even a table to play on. It can be played in a car, in a plane, while standing in line, or over the phone.)

Here is a video of how to play Ace of Aces, by Alfred the inventor of the game:

Ace of Aces is in the Origins Hall of Fame and was invented by Alfred Leonardi. (for info on the origins awards click here)

To order the new Handy Rotary Series for $75 plus shipping:

Here is a photo of the new HARDBACK version of the Handy Rotary Series:

The BALLOON BUSTER books, in slipcase. Product #0014. This one is sold out also.

The "Flying Machines" books are also sold out. If you got a set without (or with the wrong) charts, they can be downloaded HERE

HONOR ROLL We now have a brand new printing of Ace of Aces (Handy Rotary Series) because the following wonderful people supported us on Kickstarter:
2bit Horrido!!! Dan Schulz
A. Timothy Rogers
Adam B. Wenzel
Adam Blinkinsop
Adam Schroeder
Alan Rognlie
Alfred Wallace
Alfred Werner
Alfred Whitehead
Allen Brooks
Alvin Helms
Andrew Kluessendorf
Andrew Korson
Andrew O. Johnson
Andrew Trent & Kari Banta
Andrew Williams
Andy Foulke
Anthony DuLac
Arc Dream Publishing
Area 42 Games
Astra Wijaya
Austin Mills
Ayman Bekdash
B. Chao
B. Kirken
Barac Wiley
bear (Mike Taylor)
Ben McGuire
Bill "Shijuro" Hand
Black Dog Enterprises
Bob Wilson
Bradford Cone
Brady T. Chin
Brent Evans
Brett Bozeman
Brian & Lije Carpenter
Brian "Buddah" Walter
Brian McNally
Brian Smith
Brian Uhrig
Brian Yu
Buzz Clore
C. Joshua Villines
C. Scott Kippen
Cameron Esfahani
Capn Howdy
Captain Yellowbeard
Carmine Pellosie Jr
Casey Wilson
Charles Pearson
Charles Tippett
Chooi Oh
Chris Brice
Chris Comeaux
Chris E Shockey, Arbutus MD
Chris Gibbins
Chris Schnick
Christian Busch
Christian Lindke
Christian Nord
Christopher Aylor
Christopher Hammel
Christopher Horenstein
Christopher Lake
Christopher Knight
Christopher Slye
Christopher Snyder
clash bowley
Colton Hoerner
The Compleat Strategist Games stores est. 1975
Conan brasher
Cory Holgren
Curtis Lyon
Dan Bruns
Dan Rivas
Daniel Ashburn
Daniel J. Lawall
Darren Austin
Dave Cassidy
Dave Kahle
Dave Neil
Dave Przybyla
Dave "Ulsif" Dupuis
Dave Weiner
David Carlton
David Coronado
David Einstein
David "Elwood" Hitchcock
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David McGuire
David Romerstein
david sloan
David Watson
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Delta Demon
Dennis "Danger" Kühnel
Derek Drumm
Dom Mooney
Doug CW Edey
Doug Kleman
Doug "Nuke War 65" Malewicki
Doug Tibbs
Doug Young
Dr. J.M. "Thijs" Krijger
Dustin Boggs
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Edgar Parente
Eki Bear
Emmanuel Aquin
Eric Arnold
Eric Dow
Eric M. Aldrich I
Erin Kendall
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Fred Kiesche
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Gary H. Wishik, M.D.
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Geoff Mochau
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Gerolf Nikolay
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Grant LaDue
Greg Laabs
The Haunted Game Cafe
Howard Chu
Ian Schofield
I'm Board! Games & Family Fun
J Steeves
J. A. Baluci
Jack Gulick
James & Holly Barnes
James Bell
James D. Crane
James Torr
James Van Horn
Jarred Wray Wallace
Jason Bean
Jason Gamage
Jason Steiner
Jason Youngdale
Jay R. Brooks
Jeff Newell
Jeffrey Benson
Jeffrey D. Myers
Jeffrey Maslany
Jeffrey T. Barach
Jeremy George
Jerry L. Meyer Jr. CWT
Jerry Ross
Jesse McGatha
Jim Spring
Jim Stoker
Joe Cillins
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John "AcesofDeath7" Mullens
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Jussi Myllyluoma
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K Richard Pixley
Kaarin Engelmann
Keith Mears
Ken King
Kent Ing
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Kevin M. James
Kevin Matheny
Kevin McKenzie
Kevin Whaley
Kristan J. Wheaton
Kurt Adam
Lance Peterson
Lawrence Hale
Leo Edwardsson
Lijing Tham
Linda Hampton Schiffer
Linda Pattison
lion rampant
Llarry Amrose
M. Zachariah Fraser
Madelyn Chappell
Marc McAllister
Mark 'Ace' Vaccaro
Mark Albert Graybill
Mark Bisignano
Mark Solino
Mark Zitny
Martin Gallo
Mathew Todd France
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Matt Galarneau
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Matthew Gabbert
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Robert L. Fisher
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Roderick Edwards
Roger Brandon
Roger M Hobden, MD, DO(Q), DipSportMed(CASM)
Roger Munk
Roger Smith
Rohit ramesh
Rolf W. Laun
Ronald Plunk
Ross Andrews
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Ryan Lambrecht
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Sage LaTorra
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Scott Kolar
Scott Nicholson
Scott Rex Minkoff
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Shel Tozer-Kilts
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Stephen Elliott
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Steve Reinartz
Steve Undy
Steven Davis
Steven E. Ehrbar
Steven Parker
Stu Venable, Jr.
Susan Davis
Sven Kaiser
Tactical 16
Terry A. McKelvey
Thom Fries
Thomas Gore
Thomas Utterback
Thorsten Schubert
Tim "Buzz" Isakson
Timothy "Inntrepid" Myers
Tim Mirkes
Timothy O'Shea
Tina Marie
Tom Glennon
Tom Meier, DGS Games, LLC
Trevor Tice
Ulreh Vogt
The Unknown Airmen - Ghost Squadron
Victor Sturm
Vincent Baker
vincent tobia
Vinny "6 String Samurai" Tobia
Walter F. Croft
Wayne West
Wendy Wallace
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Wonko's Toys & Games
Yves LaFrance
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