SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Last summer I found about 140 sets of the Flying Machine books in our warehouse while moving boxes around, and put together 140 Flying Machines games. I reprinted the charts that (I thought) go with that game. Unfortunately it turns out I got the wrong charts! If you recently purchased the Flying Buffalo version of the Ace of Aces Flying Machines, you can't really play it until you get the right charts. I now have a set of the correct charts, and I have put jpgs of them here, and of course will mail a copy to anyone who asks for them. If you bought your set directly from us, I have your mailing address and I will mail you a hard copy set. If you bought your set from your favorite local game store you will have to download and print out the jpgs, or tell me your postal mailing address so I can mail you the correct charts. I apologize for the inconvenience. The last time I actually played Ace of Aces was more than 15 years ago, and I didn't have a complete set to compare the charts.

Sorry that they aren't great quality - these are scans of old copies I borrowed.

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