1939 World Wide Battle Plan Rules

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Our thanks to Deke Parsons for compiling most of the information used for starting forces. Note: this is VICTORY SET "B". It is the same as VICTORY SET "A", except that it includes some clarifications that were left out of set "A". Games started under set "A" or "B" will be scored with the same program. If your game is scored under A or B, you do not need the "clarifications sheet" that may be mentioned elsewhere, because they are included here.

This game is played with the same map and rules as "Real Forces WWBP" with the following changes:

Tactical air force is considered to be included as part of the army and naval air force as part of the navy. The "air force" in this game represents strategic bombers, so there are a few changes. Air force can still move out to sea, but cannot fight while at sea (strategic bombers can't take off from aircraft carriers - they are on transports). They will be like armies - they can take hits but cannot inflict hits on the enemy. Air force cannot attack or support FROM a sea space. They can only TRANSFER. And their range while at sea is limited to a land space ADJACENT to that sea space (you have to land in a port). Air force that is on land, however, CAN support a sea space and thus attack enemy forces in that sea space. Any air force on land has the same two space range as before, as long as they are not ENDING UP in a sea space. Air force can NOT fly over the northern icecap.

There are no antimissiles in this game. No one starts with any missiles or a missile multiplier, but certain players may spend research creating a missile multiplier. Missiles will have the same RANGE as air force (i.e. 2 spaces), instead of having an infinite range. The damage inflicted is the same as in WW and BP. The first time in the game that a missile is actually fired, missile research will be easier for most players. (Everyone sees that they really work!)

As in the "real forces" game, there are no attack orders allowed on turn one (but you can declare someone "enemy"). And there will be "world opinion" where you get to put up to 3 players on your "good guy" and "bad guy" lists.

There are exactly 13 player positions in this game, 4 minor powers and 9 major powers. The game will last approximately 25 turns. On each printout, starting with the one marked T26, there will be a 33% chance that the game is over. (Thus the players will not know exactly when the game will end). The turn fee is $8 per turn for major powers, and $4 per turn for minor powers. In this game, it is very important that all positions be filled; therefor we will be needing players willing to fill out positions not asked for, or to take over as standbys. If you are willing to do this, tell us the maximum turn fee you will pay; the number of games you want to be put into; and whether you want only new games, games already going, or either. We will of course first select those willing to pay the most. But if we need a replacement player for the USA and you are the only one on the list, you could get the position for $3 a turn. We will try to start "beginners games" for those who have not played any BP or WW games before, and "experienced games" for the others. Please be patient if your game doesn't start right away, as we can't start the game until all positions are filled. Please give several choices for which country you wish to play. When the game ends, each player gets points for achieving the following victory conditions. The player with the most points wins. We may adjust these points from game to game as we try to balance the chances of victory. The following list is VICTORY SET "B" (which is the same as "A" but with a few clarifications):

The first four players are the minor powers.

For countries that get points for owning all of Africa, Russia, or Europe with one other country, you DO get the points if you own it all yourself, and you must own at least one of the spaces yourself to get the points. (i.e. if Germany & Japan get points for owning all of Russia, if Germany owns it all himself, he gets the points and Japan does not).

Player #1: Argentina/Chile/Spain.

Max: 4560 points.

Player #2: Brazil/Portugal.

Max: 4520

Player #3: Colombia/Cuba/Mexico.

Max: 4535

Player #4: BeNeLux & The Low Countries.

Max: 4800

Player #5: The Balkans.

Max: 4550

Player #6: China.

Max: 4483

Player #7: France/Poland.

Max: 4077

Player #8: Germany/Finland.

Max: 4940

Player #9: Great Britain/Norway.

MAX: 4150

Player #10: Italy.

Max: 4240

Player #11: Japan/Siam.

Max: 4476

Player #12: Russia.

Max: 4145

Player #13: USA.

Max: 4210
If you are willing to take a standby position or any new position at a reduced rate, let us know. Specify the maximum turn fee you are willing to pay, and whether you want only a new game, or a game already started. We reserve the right to delay a game while waiting to insert a standby, and whether or not a standby will be inserted is solely at our discretion. In order to avoid the possibility of someone paying a friend to take over an abandoned position, you may NOT specify in WHICH game you want to be a standby.

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